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When one door closes, another one opens 

2015 has been the year of many difficulties and challenges for me – and each experience has taught me something about myself. 

When life throws you a curve ball, you don’t just stand there and strike out. You catch it. You play the game. You learn the trick. You throw the ball back and just like that: you win. 

I’ve realized that with change, comes clarity. With clarity, comes simplicity. With simplicity, comes happiness. And I can honestly say that today I am so happy and blessed with the way life is treating me.

I’m falling more in love with myself and appreciating the real Nicole. I’m not saying I’m perfect – I’m just saying I’ve never been so in tune with myself. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s like there’s a song inside of me that’s ready to be heard by the world. My feet keep dancing with each step forward that I take in my life journey. 

So, it’s time for me to say goodbye to this blog. This will officially be my last post. (Don’t worry, I’ll start a new one! I love writing way too much to “fully” leave the digital-diary realm!) The past three/four years of writing about my encounters and inspirations were a joy, really – but this blog is a reflection of a sweet 23-year-old married girl named Nicole Joyce Devries. This isn’t who I am anymore. I’ve matured drastically.  And Lord knows, life isn’t meant to be lived as a lie. I am now an ambitious 27-year-old seperated woman named Nicole Joyce Douglas. 

Nicole Joyce Douglas always existed. She’s just more present now. And she’s ready to conquer the world.


To the moon and the stars 


The Smith Show


Dear December 

Hello December, you snuck up on me. The months before were chaotic. And you show up so quietly.

I’m ready for what you have to offer. It seems like many changes have come my way. Everyone’s looking forward to Christmas. Here I am, enjoying life day by day. 

December is full of late shopping hours, frost and shiny lights. Cookies, candy canes and Starbucks red cups are all I see in sight. 

But I’m seeing past all this consumerism and seasonal glee.I wish I had someone to hold and share the crisp mountain views with me. 

December you have a special way of reminding me of what’s really important. It’s surely not the new winter coat on Boxing Day sale or the typical turkey dinner that will make me content. 

I used to always make a big deal about your month and splurge foolishly with my money. December I know better now; to spend hundreds on stocking gifts isn’t funny. 

I’d like to spend my time with you walking in the frozen park. I’d like to watch your moonlight sky and see the snow fall in the dark. 

I’d like to spend my time with the ones I love and make me smile. These people remind me December that you’re a regular month – regardless of your Christmas style.

I’d like to spend my time with you, December, and stay somewhere warm. With a grande mocha to sip on, I’m sure that’ll keep me just fine. A toque on my head, a scarf around my neck, to simply brave the cold. How much I would love if someone’s cozy glove was hand in hand with mine. 

December, you make me hopeful for what the following year will bring. I feel a sense of comfort around me. My heart will finally sing. 

I just ask you one question December, what took you so long to make me realize? That better days are coming. Thank you, December, for opening up my eyes.


The truth is that airports saw more sincere kisses than wedding halls.

LA Sunset, you’re beautiful 


Damn straight 


Get on up 


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Hope for Korah 

Last Saturday night I drove over an hour to the neck of the woods where Abbotsford meets Mission. Trust me – the long drive was worth it.
I was invited by my colleague Dave, to attend his wife’s charity event and dinner to raise awareness and donations for “Hope for Korah.” 

This is the second time I have attended this amazing and inspiring event. To see hundreds of people of all ages gather and raise money simply for a community in Africa is just heartwarming. People helping out people. That simple action can change so many lives. And I love that.

I didn’t know anyone in the massive venue other than Dave and Eve. And that was okay with me. I’m used to being in situations where I know nobody but get by just fine. I actually prefer it because then I get to know someone new and hear their story. The table I sat at was a lovely group. And we all somehow had a connection to the school I graduated from, Trinity Western University. 

Turns out that TWU sends students who are also on the soccer team to mission trips in Africa. It’s not only a great leadership opportunity, but also an active way to integrate sports within Korah’s community. I mean – how amazing would it be to play soccer with a bunch of African children under the hot sun? Just to see their faces light up when the score a goal would be such a joy! 

The pictures of Canadian youth helping out African children triggered something from within me. I wanted to simply hop on a plane and show the little girls of the slum village how to sew, write, draw or cook. I wanted to dance and sing to their cultural music and in return, show them new music on my iPod. I wanted to bring them clothes from my own wardrobe and give them something to feel beautiful in when they wear it.

In the middle of the event Dave said “you gotta come to Africa, Nicole!” And I nodded. When Eve made her presentation, I was so moved by the endless amount of care and effort she’s put into her organization. My nod finally spoke and when I caught Dave at my next opportunity, I said “yes! I’ll go!” 

So Africa… Korah, Ethiopia specifically, I’ll be seeing you soon. And I hope to make an impactful change. 
Learn more about the charity here: http://hopeforkorah.atticdoorstudios.com/